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Pallet control training goes online
06.10.2013 14:21

CHEP Australia has launched a new, online course in the fundamentals of pooled equipment control.

Based on the face-to-face one-day courses that CHEP has been running nationally for more than 10 years, the interactive online course will help build a strong foundation in equipment control best practice.

CHEP ANZ customer experience manager Mark Harvey said: “Our customers asked us to supplement our existing face-to-face training with alternatives that are relevant to specific roles and areas within our customers’ operations and are easier to access. Based on this feedback, we worked together to scope and build a web-based course consisting of a number of modules.

“It can be used to address a specific need or be treated as an ongoing program, and has been designed to help even first-time users grasp the fundamentals of equipment control.

“Because it’s online, the course is available anytime, any day of the week. We’ve structured it so that each module takes around 10 minutes to complete, which means you can dip in and out of the training modules as needed.

The topics are relevant to different job roles within the supply chain, for example, receiving, dispatch, administration, and includes topics such as “Why is control important?”, “Managing exchanges” and “Investigating variance”.

“What we have launched today is phase one, covering the fundamentals of equipment control,” Mark said. “We will continue to be guided by our customers to build on this foundation by developing additional modules covering a greater depth and breadth of topics

“By helping to educate users about equipment pooling control we hope to help our customers increase their understanding of the value of efficient and effective equipment control, improve equipment processes, reduce the number of corrections, losses and indeed, trading partner disputes. This is one of a number of initiatives we are focusing on to make it easier for our customers to do business with CHEP.”

The training is available to all CHEP account holders on CHEPedia.chep.com, 24/7 using existing Portfolio Plus logins.

To obtain a Porfolio Plus login contact CHEP’s customer service team on 13 CHEP (13 2437) or register online at CHEPedia.chep.com/onlinetraining.


Source: http://www.tandlnews.com.au/

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